Just what is a Galvanic Isolator???

boat pitted at waterline galvanic corrosionIf your steel or aluminium boat is connected to a mains hook up, tiny unwanted electrical currents can flow. These currents flow because of the chemical reactions between your boat and it’s surroundings. It works on the same principle as a battery.

The BAD news, is that these Corrosion Currents corrode your boat’s hull by a process called Electrolysis, and in severe cases, can quickly damage a boat. The good news, is that it’s easy to stop!

A simple Galvanic Isolator just plugs into your mains hook up cable, and can stop Corrosion Currents in their tracks. Fitting is a simple DIY job that takes a few seconds. Even a man can do it!

does my boat need a galvanic isolator