Why fit a Galvanic isolator?

galvanic isolator for boars ukWhen your boat is connected to an electrical supply from the shore, (electric hook up), small unwanted electrical charges, (known as Galvanic currents), corrode your boats metalwork. This can be devastating to hulls, outboards etc, and can see off a new set of anodes in no time at all.

The solution is a simple Galvanic isolator that plugs into your electric hook-up cable, and blocks the Galvanic currents. Fitting an isolator is an easy DIY job that takes under 30 seconds, and your boat’s protection starts instantly.

Expect to see far less anode use, VASTLY reduced pitting on outboards, outdrives etc., and a stop to metal hull corrosion. And the cost?? Significantly less than a set of anodes. No matter how large your boat, you only need ONE Galvanic isolator to protect it.

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