Galvanic Currents can corrode a boat's hull faster than you'd think. If you have a GRP hull, and outboard drive, the problem can be even worse!

Whenever you're connected to an electric hook up, small electric currents flow along the earth cable, and erode fragments of metal from your boat's hull (not to mention her prop & anodes). In a frighteningly short time, this causes pitting, and can even make tiny pinholes in the metal. This is called "Galvanic corrosion". Once Galvanic corrosion starts it accelerates rapidly.

That's the BAD news ☹️

The GOOD news is that it's easy to prevent Galvanic corrosion with one of our incredibly simple Galvanic isolators. We GUARANTEE that they'll put a stop to Galvanic currrents in your hook up cable.


galvanic corrosion on a boat

Don't let THIS happen to YOUR boat!

We have an excellent range of Galvanic isolators, designed and manufactured here in the UK. 

NO electrical knowledge or tools are needed. You just plug the isolator in to the end of your hookup cable. It doesn't matter which end you connect it to - it works equally well. Beating Galvanic corrosion has never been easier!


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