How to Fit a MarineGalvanic Isolator

Our Marine Galvanic Isolators are East to Fit

As we get into the autumn months, don't forget that if your boat is connected to a shore supply, you are in danger of your hull being damaged by Galvanic currents.

Briefly, your boats hull acts as part of a battery, which can make the hull, propeller and any underwater metalwork corrode away MUCH faster than they need to.
Now you can protect your boat by using this simple device that simply plugs into your electric hook up cable. You don't need any electrical knowledge or tools - it just plugs in.

Fitting a Galvanic isolator can put a stop to Galvanic Corrosion. And it couldn't be easier - see the picture above.
Take a look at our Gi-120/P. At £67.00 inc P&P*, it's perfect for any length of narrowboat, and can pay for itself in no time at all. 

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*Price correct at date of posting