Fortunately, most of us won't come into contact with too many MONSTERS while we're boating. But Galvanic corrosion... well, that's another matter.

Galvanic corrosion sinks a LOT more boats than water monsters, but whilst you can't do much about monsters, a good Galvanic isolator can completely STOP Galvanic corrosion.

To fit our plug in Galvanic isolators, you simply plug it in at either end of your electric hook up cable. You don't need a degree in Marine Electronics... in fact, you don't even need a screwdriver. In most cases, "installation" takes about 30 seconds. Then you can relax and forget all about Galvanic corrosion - for ever.

galvanic isolator or isolation transformer

All our Galvanic isolators are hand built and individually tested for unrivalled reliability. Lifetime Guarantee! 

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