If Santa didn't bring your Galvanic Isolator...
Don't get mad - Get your own.

Galvanic Corrosion doesn't take a break at Christmas.

In fact, chances are that while you were eating your Christmas dinner, Galvanic Corrosion was making a meal of your boat's hull. Unless you already have a Galvanic Isolator of course. 

So... if a Galvanic Isolator wasn't on your Santa List, you can still get your own, and protect your boat through 2021 and beyond.

marine galvanic isolator santa

Fitting a Galvanic isolator is easy, and the Christmas break is a great time to do it. All of our models are in stock, and available for immediate dispatch! 

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Covid info: We are working normally. All of our products are in stock, and available to buy right here on our website with FREE delivery – normally next day.