Sometimes I forget that most sane people haven’t a clue what a Galvanic Isolator is. Maybe this will help.

galvanic isolation for grp vesselsWhenever a boat is connected to an electric hook-up, unwanted “Galvanic” currents flow down the cable as well as the electric for your lights etc. Those Galvanic Currents eat away at the metal of your boat, i.e., hull, prop, Saildrive, anodes etc. And the damage can be devastating.

In some cases, NEW boats have been holed in only three years, and outboards have had casings wrecked in just a few months. A while back, we spoke to a customer who’s prop had been replaced three months previously, and the new one was so rotted that he now needed to replace it again – AFTER THREE MONTHS!!

A Galvanic Isolator is intended to STOP those highly destructive  currents from flowing. It’s a really simple device that just plugs into your hookup cable, and takes a few seconds to fit. And they aren’t expensive. (You get change out of a hundred quid).

EVERY boat that’s connected to an electric supply NEEDS Galvanic Isolation.

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