Up to 90% of waterline and underwater pitting can be due to Galvanic Corrosion.

hull pitting on narrowboatGood surface protection can do a lot to help prevent corrosion, but when the “blacking” gets damaged, your hull is exposed to Galvanic Corrosion. The “rust” then gets under the blacking, and even more comes off. And so it goes….

If your boat is protected by a Galvanic Isolator, those Galvanic Currents can’t flow down your electric hook up cable, and the corrosion from Galvanic Currents is stopped instantly.

And the best part is that you simply plug the Galvanic isolator into your electric hook up cable - it can go at either the shore end or the boat end.

If you’d like to know more, or to order a Galvanic Isolator for YOUR boat, please check out the link at the top of this post. Our isolators are VERY cost effective, and there’s NO other Galvanic Isolator that protects your boat more effectively.

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