Water Saving Shower Head

A HIGH QUALITY  Water Saving shower head uses around 35% less water than a normal shower, but still gives you a strong invigorating shower. In fact, one of our customers commented that it’s…

“The nearest thing you’ll get to a power shower”

water saving shower head for boatsPerfect for Boat, Home, RV, Apartment, Caravan, etc. Ideal for pumped systems, power shower, combi, etc.  Works brilliantly even if your water pressure is a bit on the low side! Supplied complete with a standard “chrome” connecting hose.

The stainless steel shower disc has hundreds of laser punched holes that aerate the water, and give you a powerful shower without using lots of water. Great for Boats, Caravans, RV’s or anywhere where the water supply is at a premium. We use one on our narrowboat, and save ourselves the “pleasure” of frequent trips to the water filling point.



best shower for caravans best shower for rvs best shower for boatsThe secret is in the laser drilled shower plate, which has hundreds of pin-prick holes, rather than the few dozen of “normal” shower heads.

Attractively designed and manufactured from strong polycarbonate material, the body is filled with beads that are filter out impurities and give you an “invigorating” showering experience. Certainly you will get a strong and enjoyable shower from significantly less water. And because you use less water, you save money on heating it.

power shower for caravans

You’ll be amazed at the difference. Your shower can be:

  • Hotter

  • Stronger

  • More Invigorating

  • Use Less Water

  • More Resistant to Lime Scale

The shower easily strips down and has an internal easy to clean filter, and a steel plate with HUNDREDS instead of dozens of water holes, giving a strong shower even with a low flow rate.

special shower head for low flow rate pumpsPerfect if your electric shower isn’t quite as hot as you’d like. The reduced water flow increases the temperature, and makes your shower a real pleasure again.

The shower plate is simple to clean with a stiff brush. If you live in a hard water area and have problems with limescale, just leave the shower plate in a bowl of coca cola overnight, and the scale just wipes away. (Which makes you wonder what the heck’s in a Coke).

Supplied with hose and shower fixing bracket – even includes rawlpugs & screws, but fits a standard shower bracket, so not really necessary.


You can order with confidence – we were SO pleased with ours that we bought some to sell here. Despatched by Royal Mail

IN STOCK – Available for immediate dispatch.


Prices INCLUDE postage in UK. Please contact us for international shipping costs.

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