STOP Galvanic Corrosion this Halloween
(Thanks to our Fang-Tastic Galvanic isolator)


What could be more chilling this Halloween than the thought of your boat silently decomposing, while you’re quaffing your blood wine?

galvanic-corrosion-sinks-boatsA dark legend speaks of Galvanic Corrosion, gnawing at the hearts of unprotected, uncared for vessels, millions of swarming  venomous fangs relentlessly gnawing through corroding hulls, consuming her very essence and leading her to a cold, watery grave.

OK…, perhaps I’m letting my imagination run a tad wild, but if this scenario feels like a scene from a horror flick, think again!

Every single day, numerous boats are in jeopardy simply because they lack a Galvanic Isolator.

Galvanic Corrosion poses a terrifying threat to vessels. And you have the power to thwart the evil with one of our straightforward, plug-in Galvanic Isolators. Think of it as a demon-slayer for boats.

Get YOUR fangs into a Galvanic Isolator—before the Galvanic Beast comes for YOU!

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