Galvanic currents and Earth Leakage can waste anodes and wreck boats. Our Galvanic isolators are guaranteed to protect your boat from both Galvanic currents AND Earth Leakage, (see below), PLUS they cost quite a bit less than a new set of anodes, and a whole LOT less than new boat. 

galvanic-currents-hull-corrosionIf you have a narrowboat, and haven't been able to get her hull "blacked" recently, a Galvanic Isolator can go a long way to protecting her hull while you're waiting to take your boat out of the water for blacking! 

PLEASE don't wait until spring time comes to protect your pride & joy! By then, it could easily be too late. Our Galvanic isolators only take a few moments to fit. You don't need any tools or electrical skills. Just plug in and you're protected.

galvanic isolators for grp hulls

If you're not sure what Earth Leakage is, just think of it as Galvanic currents - on steroids!

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