Why YOUR boat needs a Galvanic Isolator

easiest to fit galvanic isolatorIf your boat doesn’t have Galvanic Isolation, it’s probably corroding faster than it needs to.

A Galvanic Isolator stops Corrosion Currents from flowing in your mains hook up cable. These currents corrode hulls, waste anodes and damage propellers etc. You can stop them for under £100.

All  boats that are connected to a shore supply can have Galvanic Currents. That’s because when it’s in the water your boat acts as part of a battery. The voltage it creates causes an electric current to flow, and this carries molecules of your boat away.

In time, you’ll see wasted anodes, and pitting – especially around the waterline. It’s worth checking for this right now.

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does my boat need a galvanic isolator