When your boat's plugged in to an electric hook-up, to protect the hull from Galvanic corrosion, Galvanic Isolation is essential. Galvanic corrosion sounds complicated, but the problem isn't hard to solve.... Simply fit a Galvanic Isolator. And the great news is that you can do it yourself - in seconds

The majority of metal hull and sterngear corrosion is caused by Galvanic Currents, which can shorten the life of your anodes, hull etc. - dramatically!

When your boat's plugged into a shore supply, (electric hook up), you absolutely need a Galvanic isolator - EVEN if you have nothing switched on. People often say to me, "I hardly use any electric - it's just a back up for my solar", or, "I only used electric to caharge my batteries". It doesn't matter how much - or how little - electric you use. If your boat's connected to a hook up, you 100% need a Galvanic Isolator!

A Galvanic Isolator can completely STOP Galvanic Currents from flowing, and when the Galvanic Currents stop, the corrosion they cause simply can't happen. Result: Longer lasting anodes and no hull damage from Galvanic corrosion.

Fitting our Galvanic Isolator takes a few seconds. Anyone can do it, and the protection starts the very second you plug it in. Full Lifetime Guarantee. Made right here in the UK.

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