Galvanic Isolator – Wire In – Extra Protection – Status Alert – AC Bypass Capacitor


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Wire In Galvanic Isolator Zinc Saver, with remote Status Alert indicators and 2-Stage Protection.

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galvanic isolator with lifetime warranty

Galvanic Isolator - Wire In - Status Alert

Surge Current 500 amps

Wire In Galvanic Isolators are perfect if you're fitting out your boat, or for retrofitting to an existing electrical installation.  

Buy with confidence - LIFETIME Guarantee

  • Extra Protection
  • Status Alert Indicators
  • Compact Display
  • AC Bypass Capacitor
  • NO Power Loss
  • Maintenance Free
  • LIFETIME Guarantee

An AC Bypass capacitor is essential for reliable operation. ALL our Galvanic isolators are fitted with a Capacitor, ensuring that your isolator keeps your boat fully protected. Never buy a Galvanic isolator unless it has a capacitor - all ours have!

marine galvanic isolator with ac bypass capacitor

earth leakage corrosion on boats

This model offers Extra Protection over standard galvanic isolators.

The most obvious benefit is the compact Status Alert Indicator Display, which constantly monitors your boats earth connection for faults that could lead to corrosion of the hull, or even life threatening mains voltage earth leakage faults.

Bright, easy to read indicators warn you immediately a problem is detected.

The display - the part with the lights - can be fitted up to 100 feet (30m) away from the main galvanic isolator, and is connected by a thin 2-core cable. NO power supply is required.

Extra Protection. Under the bonnet, there is our "2-stage Protection System", which protects your hull against electrical noise and Galvanic & Stray Voltages up to twice as high as normal galvanic isolators.

galvanic isolator zinc saver with added protection against corrosion. image of noisy waveformExtra Protection is strongly advised where you have electrical items with Switch Mode power supplies.

Most battery chargers, mobile phones, computers, TV's etc have "switch mode power supplies", and these can introduce electrical "Noise" into your boats electrical system. In extreme cases, the noise can defeat single stage galvanic isolators, and we have developed the 2-Stage Protection System to give you added protection.

How It Works...

Check your earthing at a glance.

Galvanic isolator zinc saver with remote status monitor display. Display shows when there is earth leakage present. Both Lights OFF: Normal operation. No action required - just check back occasionally to ensure that all's well.

One Light ON: If either of the lights are on, it indicates DC leakage. This can cause severe corrosion to your boat. Our instructions give clear basic advice on how to resolve the problem.

BOTH lights ON: If both lights are ON, this indicates AC leakage, usually from the mains wiring or a connected appliance. AC leakage can be a danger to life. Please see instructions for help in rectifying the problem.

When the Galvanic Isolator is installed, it will prevent Corrosion Currents from forming an electrical circuit using the shore lead’s earth connection.

Fitting is a straightforward job, well within the capabilities of many d-i-y ers, and simply involves inserting the galvanic isolator in the earth conductor between the Mains inlet connector and the vessel's distribution board.

galvanic isolator zinc saver connection detail. Shows connections. Zinc saver connections to fault indicatorThe galvanic isolator's readout can be mounted to just about any flat surface, and both are supplied with high strength double-sided adhesive on the rear, meaning that in most cases, they can be simply stuck to a surface.

Alternatively, the main galvanic isolator unit can be fixed using a selection of mounting options, including two elongated holes for easy alignment.

The Galvanic isolator is wired into your boat's earth circuit using two 5mm connections,  as shown in the photo below. The system is supplied with 5metres of connecting cable for wiring the remote display. This can easily be lengthened or shortened if required. The maximum recommended length is 100 feet, (30 metres).


Installation simply involves disconnecting the earth cable from the mains input connector on your boat, and connecting it to one of the studs on the isolator. The other stud is then connected back to the mains connector earth terminal. In essence, this breaks the earth connection then uses the isolator to span the break.

galvanic isolator status indicator wiring. Zinc saver wiring

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The Gi-120/S/SA comes complete with fitting instructions, and we are happy to offer fitting advice, where required.

If in doubt, please consult a qualified electrician

galvanic isolator with lifetime warrantyThe Gi-120/S/SA has a LIFETIME guarantee against faulty materials and manufacture. We also offer a FREE checking service for your peace of mind. (You may want to get your Galvanic Isolator checked in the event of a major electrical fault, lightning strike etc).

Galvanic Isolator Specification

LIFETIME Guarantee

Dimensions (Main) 145 x 65 x 65mm
Voltage: 110 - 250Vac
Surge Current 500 amps
Extra Protection: YES
DC Status monitoring: YES
AC Status Monitoring: YES
AC Bypass Capacitor - YES
2-Stage Protection: YES
Max remote cable length 30m
Dimensions (Display) 60 x 35 x 15mm
Quality Construction
Temperature Range -50c to 120c

The GI-120/S/SA is suitable for shore supplies that are protected by a RCD (Earth leakage circuit breaker) with a tripping current of 30mA or less, and MCB 32a or less. If in doubt, please contact a qualified electrician, or call us on 0757 807 3490

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