When you're swimming, it's a good idea to be worried about man eating SHARKS! When you're a BOAT, Galvanic Corrosion's the thing to worry about.. 

That's because Galvanic Corrosion's known as the "Silent Boat Killer". Galvanic Corrosion eats your boat away 24/7. It pits the hull, wastes your anodes, and can ruin your prop & stern gear. And it can do all of this FAR faster than most people imagine..

galvanic isolators for boats

Galvanic Corrosion is caused by tiny unwanted electrical Corrosion Currents that flow in your electric hookup cable, and EVERY boat that's connected to a hook up has them. Unless you have Galvanic isolation that is.

Fortunately, our range of quality plug in Galvanic Isolators can stop Corrosion Currents dead in their tracks, saving you £££ on wasted anodes AND protecting your hull, sterngear etc.

People tell us that their hull blacking lasts longer, and anodes hardly show any sign of use after fitting an isolator.

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