Galvanic Corrosion SINKS Boats!

We call it the "Silent Boat Killer" because Galvanic Corrosion happens all day, every day. 24/7. Then one day, that bit of rust around the waterline becomes a pinhole. Then before you know it, there's a WET patch inside. By then you have a LOT of damage to your boat. 

Stop corrosion on boats

The ONE good thing about Galvanic Corrosion is that it's easy to STOP. In fact, Galvanic Corrosion is SO easy to prevent that NO boat should ever suffer from it.

The solution is a Galvanic isolator - a simple electronic device that just plugs into your electric hookup cable. Plug it in, and the corrosion current that flows along the cable STOPS instantly. And so does the rust! It really is THAT simple, using the same, proven science that protects boats large & small all around the world.

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