Most of us know that whenever your boat's connected to an electric hook-up, Galvanic isolation is essential to prevent Galvanic corrosion to her underwater metalwork. A simple Galvanic isolator is by far the easiest solution.

best galvanic isolator for boats

For even better protection, you can choose a Galvanic isolator with Status alert. Status alerts have a higher Isolation Voltage (That's the Voltage that the isolator can block).

As well as giving enhanced Galvanic protection, Status Alert models also have warning lights to alert you if your electrical system has Earth Leakage problems, (which can be FAR more serious than Galvanic currents).


Earth Leakage issues are normally easy to resolve - without even needing an electrician. And installation is as simple as plugging it in - no tools or electrical knowledge required.

isolation voltage galvanic isolator

Isolation Voltage

Enhanced Isolation....

This isolator is constantly monitoring the earth... checking for leakage. PLUS, you get top class Galvanic isolation as well - blocking TWICE the Voltage of conventional isolators. That's why it's in our "Extra Protection" range... it protects against Galvanic Currents AND Earth Leakage. And it does it superbly.

You don't need an electrician to fit it - simply plug it on to either end of your electric hook up cable.

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