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If your boat is connected to a mains electric supply, to prevent hull corrosion and rapid anode use, Galvanic isolation is essential. In fact, if you're in a marina, and your anodes aren't lasting as long as you'd expect, chances are that it's because all the other boats are using them.

That's because when boats are connected to an electric hook up, they are effectively all connected together by the earth cable. This can be very bad news for your boats anodes - and hull.

A Galvanic isolator protects your boat by safely insering a "block" in the earth conductor of the boats electric hookup cable. This "block" prevents Galvanic currents from flowing, but still maintains the integrity of the earth connection, which is essential for safety.

Connecting our Galvanic isolator is simple. It just plugs in to either end of the hookup cable. In most cases, it's a 30 second job.

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