Corrosion is a Boat Killer.

galvanic isolators on boatsIf your anodes aren’t lasting as long as you’d like, think “Galvanic Corrosion”. When you’re connected to an electric hook-up, Galvanic Currents relentlessly eat away at your boat’s anodes and hull. The currents are tiny, but they flow 24/7, and you can often see the results as pitting around the boat’s waterline.

When your boat’s connected to an electric hook up, Galvanic Currents begin to corrode it’s hull, propeller and anodes

A simple Galvanic Isolator can resolve the problem in seconds, and costs a LOT less than a set of anodes. A Galvanic Isolator PROTECTS your boat by BLOCKING Galvanic Currents, (better known as Corrosion Currents).

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