galvanic isolator for narrowboatsGalvanic Corrosion is a fact of life. It's a chemical action that can corrode the hull and propellor of a boat in no time.

Every boat that's connected to an electric hook up is vulnerable to Galvanic Corrosion, and it can do £££ worth of damage to a boat, leading to rapid anode use, re-plating, and damage to stern gear, bearings etc.

But the great news is this: It's ridiculously easy to prevent. Our Galvanic Isolators do precisely that. They BLOCK Corrosion Currents from flowing along your hook up cable. NOTHING gets past our marine Galvanic isolators!!

Connecting one of our isolators is simple. Then you're protected - instantly. That's because the galvanic Currents that cause the rust/corrosion are completely BLOCKED by our marine Galvanic isolators.

No other Galvanic isolator is more effective at blocking Corrosion Currents than ours. We absolutely GUARANTEE that NO Galvanic Currents will get past our isolators.

And we back all that up with a LIFETIME Guarantee. THAT'S how confident we are!

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