For most of us, our boats represent a significant investment. Yet far too may boats suffer serious hull damage from Galvanic corrosion... damage that can be eye wateringly expensive to repair, yet Galvanic corrosion is so easy and inexpensive to prevent. You just plug your Galvanic isolator in, and you're instantly protected.

galvanic isolator diy

Simple Installation. NO TOOLS NEEDED

Galvanic corrosion happens whenever your boat's connected to an electric hook up. The earth conductor in the hook up cable forms a "circuit" through which "Corrosion Currents" can flow, causing pitting of the hull - (especially around the boat's waterline), and drastically shortening anode life.

To prevent this happening you YOUR boat, simply fit a Galvanic isolator. You don't need any tools or electrical skills. Just plug it in, and you (and your investment) are protected.

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