Galvanic Isolator with AC Bypass Capacitor


Our newest and most compact Galvanic Isolator. This wire in isolator protects your boat from Galvanic Currents, that can cause anode loss and hull corrosion.

galvanic isolator capacitor

It has a 500A Surge Current rating, and the connections are totally enclosed, giving a neat and easy installation. An AC Bypass capacitor is fitted to this (and all) our models. Lifetime Guarantee!

Introductory price is just £44.95 inc P & P.   CHEAPER than eBay

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Why do I need an AC Bypass Capacitor?

All boats have a small amount of AC Leakage – it comes from your on board appliances, gadgets like phones, computers etc., and even from the boat’s own wiring. This leakage can prevent “normal” Galvanic Isolators from working. That’s why we fit an AC Bypass Capacitor, which safely filters any leakage safely to earth, ensuring that your Galvanic Isolator works as intended.