Introducing our very latest Galvanic Isolator model, the wire in Gi-120/S/XP. It's THE simplest wire in Galvanic isolator with Status Alert LED's, an Bypass Capacitor, and 2 Stage protection.

In short, this is a high performance Galvanic Isolator that gives unbeatable protection from Galvanic Corrosion, AND has warnings lights to alert you to stay currents or earth leakage that could cause problems. The majority of metal hull and sterngear corrosion is caused by Galvanic Currents, which can shorten the life of your boat's anodes, hull etc. - dramatically! But Stray Currents and Earth Leakage can damage a boat up to 10x faster than Galvanic currents.

Who needs it?
Status alert models (With lights) are strongly advised for boats with "Smart" electronic battery chargers (that's most modern types), TV's or computers etc on board. That's most bo 

There are only 2 connections. No remote indicator box or heatsink is needed. All you need is built into one compact case that's small enough to fix inside your boat's electrical space etc.

galvanic isolator with stud connections

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