Got an Electric Hook Up? You NEED a Galvanic Isolator

If you connect to an electric hook up, for the sake of your boat's hull, you NEED a Galvanic Isolator to put a STOP to the dreaded Galvanic Corrosion! 

Galvanic Corrosion is caused by tiny electrical currents that flow along your electric hook up cable. They cause pitting to a boats hull and prop, and they can eat through anodes like a knife through butter. A Galvanic Isolator can prevent this.

Although a Galvanic Isolator sounds complicated, it's a really simple device that prevents unwanted electric currents from coming down the hook up cable, corroding your boat's hull, and eating away at your anodes. In fact, one of the very first things our customers notice is that their anodes last FAR longer

You don't need an electrician to fit our Galvanic isolators. They simply plug on to the end of your hook up cable, and allow electricity to pass normally, whilst completely blocking the damaging Corrosion Currents.

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