If you’d like your boat’s hull to be rust free (and who doesn’t), the easiest solution is to fit our plug in Galvanic Isolator.

Corrosion comes in many forms, but Galvanic Corrosion is the one that you’ll see around the wetar line (and below) of your boat. It’s caused by tiny unwanted electrical currents that flow in your electric hook up cable. These “Galvanic” currents slowly eat away at a boat’s metalwork. Even GRP boats aren’t immune, because they tend to have outdrives or outboards made from “softer” alloys, which can be VERY easily damaged by Galvanic currents.

Our simple plug in Galvanic isolator completely STOPS Galvanic currents. And when the currents stop, the corrosion stops too. It’s as simple, and quick as that.

You don’t need an electrician to fit our isolators. In fact, you don’t even need a screwdriver. Just plug it in and you’re protected.

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