Galvanic Corrosion can sink boats. If you don't believe me, just type "Galvanic Corrosion Canal Boat" into Google images, (or click HERE).

But most of the time, it just causes expensive damage. Our own brand new boat had to have some SERIOUSLY expensive plating work done after just four years due to Galvanic Corrosion - which is why we're so passionate about our products.

ildrive galvanic corrosionA simple plug-in Galvanic Isolator could save you THOUSANDS of pounds, and lost cruising/sailing time. To check if YOUR boat has Galvanic Corrosion on a metallic hull, look around the water line - that's where you can easily see it. If there's pitting, chances are that it's caused by Galvanic Corrosion. And a simple Galvanic Isolator can stop it. On Sailing vessels, it's normally the saildrives or outboards that show corrosion.

Our isolators can STOP Galvanic corrosion in it's tracks. They are ridiculously easy to install, requiring NO tools, and NO electrical knowledge. You can install our Galvanic isolators  in a few seconds.

All our Galvanic isolators are hand built and individually tested for unrivalled reliability. Lifetime Guarantee! 

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